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Opinion about G2a: It is currently one of the largest game key selling stores in the world. The most important thing is that it is a markeplace, and that it is the users themselves who sell the games. Obviously, G2A offers an excellent security to its customers, with a fast and effective support, besides having an online chat 24 hours a day, so any problem will be solved instantly. It is one of the stores with more payment methods, not only PayPal or credit card. In addition, it has something that not all stores have, and that is that it does not charge fees at the time of payment, so there are no hidden fees in the price. Undoubtedly one of the best stores.
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5 - 30 mins

Opinions about G2A

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Pros/Cons G2A


Reduced prices

Compared to the official sellers, this store has much lower prices due to the format of the games.

Reduced delivery times

This store delivers any game virtually instantly, with virtually no waiting time for the buyer

Multiple payment methods

This shop offers a huge variety of possible payment methods. Remember that each of these payment methods can increase the price depending on the rates.

Good ratings at Trustpilot

This shop has an excellent rating at Trustpilot, which proves its reliability.

24/7 Support

This store offers 24/7 customer support, resolving all issues in a matter of minutes. This method of support demonstrates the reliability of the store.

Continuous Offers

This store has a section of uninterrupted offers, every day of the year.

Guaranteed money back

This store guarantees the return of the purchase in case of any problem with the games, such as duplications or activation failures. Although before they make sure that the game has not been activated.

Payment option without registration via PayPal

This store offers the option of instant purchase using the "Check out via PayPal" button which avoids having to register in the store and makes purchases much faster.


Not official store

Unofficial stores sell games that come from unauthorized sources. For that reason, there may be cases of duplication or malfunction with the keys. In that case you should contact the store for solution.

Price increased by payment method

When you go to make the purchase, the price will probably increase due to taxes, operational fees or charges for different payment methods. The increase depends on the price of the product.

Price increased by EU VAT

This shop adds an extra tax when buying a product, so the price may be increased depending on the country from which you buy it.

Many of the games are "Steam gifts"

STEAM GIFTS are another game format in which instead of sending a key an activation URL is sent, although most work well, STEAM is against this method. Make sure you know what version you're buying before you buy.

This store is a Marketplace

Marketplaces, although they can offer more competitive prices, usually give more problems when activating the keys. Make sure that when you buy from a marketplace, the seller has the highest score.

Better prices with little visibility

This store usually hides the best deals at the bottom of the web, putting a higher price in plain sight. Before you buy, search the web for the best price.


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