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Update 22-01-2024

Added Admin log system
Added Server log system
Added CustomResourceAmount multiplier
Added CustomResourceHarvest multiplier
Added Serverbrowser search/filter
Added AI melee distance settings check

Changes to Vendor Buy/Sell UI
Changes to Server browser UI
Changes to Dedicated Server config file
Changes to AI attack perception code
Changed acceptable radius of AI Interaction
Changed Get Perceived Actor to Get Currently Perceived Actors

Fixed starting items not displaying for host in listen server mode
Fixed falling dead character floating in air
Fixed sprint stuck on after death
Fixed context menu not clearing when not looking at actor
Fixed issue dropping incorrect weapon from dead body
Fixed error in Received Message function
Workaround to rich text used in invalidation box flickering
Fixed follow AI trying to attack itself
Fixed AI jumping in some situations when it should climb
Fixed AI teleporting to interaction point
Fixed AI temp behavior overriding the routine
Fixed AI Interaction cancel changing AI behaviour
Fixed weapon not equipping while using way point

Update 16-12-2023

Added multiple respawn options
Added character weather exposure
Added PlotPole Locator to map
Added respawnpoint Locator to map
Added Headshot sound effect
Added Character water ripple effect
Added Character water sound
Added AI Way Point reaction
Added projectile feedback when hit
Added weather exposure effecting character feeling temperature
Added water changes character feeling temperature
Added Animal IK
Added Lock effects
Added clothing for different biomes

Changes to resource manager load save code
Changes to possess code in controller/character
Changes to resource destruction collision
Changes to cooking slots collecting items from contents slots
Changes to binding scroll wheel key binds
Changes to turret project speed settings
Changes to AI Get Perceived Actor to Get Currently Perceived Actors
Changes to crosshair added with spread
Changes to character feeling temperature on hud
Changes to saving build parts and resources
Changes to spawn holdable animation notify
Changed some variables in ItemList and BuildPartList to soft references

Improved Aim Offset Networking Performance

Fixed build collision not destroyed when placed in level viewport
Fixed attachment menu open when other player equips item
Fixed cooking/crafting component switch on not updating if no fuel required
Fixed shotgun aiming issue when reloading
Fixed equipment flicker when character dies
Fixed issue with audio settings not working correctly
Fixed client reload stuck true after reloading
Fixed attach mesh not set on standalone when loading save
Fixed Null static mesh warning for build parts
Fixed Clear Inventory on Death not creating new items for dead body
Fixed inventory grid error on respawn
Fixed overlapping items in cooking components
Fixed pocket items on dead bodies missing
Fixed issue causing reload animations being cancelled
Fixed issue with decay item while cooking
Fixed melee attack error
Fixed cooking and crafting sounds not playing
Fixed floating attachments in listen server
Fixed foundation stairs providing same support as foundations
Fixed sensitivity slider not saving
Fixed Player Find Item With Use Amount Left function
Fixed dead AI randomly playing death animation multiple times
Fixed AI staying in Flee behavior permanently
Fixed issue with AI Can Flee setting not working correctly
Fixed AI not playing correct Interaction Point animations
Fixed issue with AI getting stuck in melee attack mode
Fixed turret fire sound not playing in standalone
Fixed projectile impact sounds not playing for clients
Fixed turret perception trace not hitting listen clients correctly
Fixed Fast bow equip/unequip gets character stuck
Fixed Bow in water gets character stuck
Fixed fast hold/unhold weapons/tools in inventory without equipping montage gets character stuck
Fixed issue with saving large number of item spawners causing fps drops
Fixed item attachments not loading from save with item spawners
Fixed add item item count incorrect
Fixed issue with inventories in build parts not saving correctly
Fixed issue with load save destroy build parts destroying new build parts
Fixed build menu not selecting build part correctly
Fixed issue with save system not clearing temp data
Fixed broken weapons looted from dead body
Fixed unequip weapon in water gets character stuck in movement mode
Fixed player dead in water causes timer loop

Update 13-07-2022

Added Minimap and Worldmap

Craftingbench usermenu
Changed Door/DoubleDoor network replication

Update 12-07-2022

Changes made to save system which caused major lags

Update 11-07-2022

Added Network Stats
Changed Network server/client rate

Update 10-07-2022

Added notification for animals

Melee trace for handtools changed

Update 09-07-2022

Added Item dropped notification

Fixed water drink sound
Fixed chat message blocking input when opening ESC menu

Removed debugger camera

Update 08-07-2022

Added Unload sound option
Added Message Culling

Fixed issue with player Initialization
Fixed Workaround for InventoryDetails resetting in Player Inventory
Fixed issue with C4 not damaging build part foundations
Fixed item replacement added to respawn player if it killed player
Fixed plot pole ownership zone blocking resource respawn
Fixed world items not using Replace Empty Item setting
Fixed ammo stacking inside weapons
Fixed single player pockets not loading save items
Fixed Auto Save Name not working
Fixed dropping weapons while reloading
Fixed missing Init Component variable
Fixed error when no pawn is controlled
Fixed possible crash cause with group member panel

Minor Changes to Respawn/Death code
Performance improvements to placing foundations

Update 06-07-2022

Added Multiple Steam dedicated server instances support
Added Message from server
Added ping to host server

Fixed Loading screen multiplayer join.
Fixed Global Chat
Fixed tool sounds
Fixed Gamemode SpawnDefaultTransform set ID
Fixed Admin setting with dedicated server

Changed Resource respawn time
Changed Resource global type
Changed Animal respawn time
Changed Disabled save/load menu for multiplayer
Changed Tool meshes
Changed Resource stack size

Update 28-06-2022

Added dedicated server config file
Changed Steam SDK implementation
Changed Steam Dedicated Server Settings

Fixed Auto Save Name not working
Fixed Dedicated SaveFile Load/Save

About the Game

Try to survive on an island full with different resources, animals and other players. The focus of this game is to build your base and try not to get raided by other players. You will spawn on an big island. The island has different biomes where you will find different resources.

Try to gather as many resources as possible and start crafting equipment to defend your self. Gather food from the ground or start hunting animals but becareful some animals are really strong. The island has many loot places, some bigger then others. Those loot places have special containers which will give you random items. If you are lucky you will get resources for crafting C4. Keep in mind that in order to craft a C4 explosive you will need a specific item which can only be found in loot containers. This will make raiding harder and will give new players more time to get raided.

The island is very big, try to find a safe spot where you can build your base. Have some thought about security while building your base. You can use different kind of materials for your base. Wooden materials are the easiest to craft but they are also the weakest. Stone and metals are stronger but require a more resources.

Keep in mind that you claim the area you’re building your base with a plotpole / totem. it is important that your plotpole is hidden and well secured. Whoever reaches your plotpole has the option to add himself as owner, then it would be easy for the raider to dismantle your base.
Keep your important stuff in a strong locker/vault. Use a codelock to lock it up. There are different kinds of lockers with different kinds of strengths. Some require a couple of C4’s to blow it open.

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Release date
23 Jan, 2024

Playable on

Total Games Studios

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34.78% of clicks
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System Requirement


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64
  • Processor: 4.5 Ghz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 3060 / RX 6600XT
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: SSD Recommended

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