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“Those who forged the Crown have returned! Great treasure and great peril arise from the burning depths. The Ifrit have risen from their underground kingdom to consume all the land in flaming death. They will not stop until every field is burned to ash and every surface dweller is clapped in chains of brass and taken down to the flaming caverns below.”

The Firelands brings new tokens and elements to Talisman. The Ifrits are ready to set the world ablaze for what the Great Wizard did to them years ago when he forged the Crown of Command.

Terrain Cards

Certain game effects instruct players to place a Terrain Card on a space on the board. These Terrain Cards replace the original text on a space with new space, creating new opportunities for strategies when travelling the land.

Burn & Fireproof Cards

Burn is a new effect found in The Firelands expansion. If a player is instructed to Burn a card, the card is then removed from the game and its effects no longer interact with the game unless specifically stated. Some cards are Fireproof, this makes them immune to the ravages of flame and cannot be burnt. These cards can be recognised by the Fireproof symbol.

Fireland Tokens

These tokens represent areas of Ifrit influence that are dangerous to even the most stoic adventurer. If a character ends their turn on a space with a Fireland token they most lose one life. Each space can only have one Fireland token on it at any time and tokens cannot be placed in the Inner Region.

Strength / Craft

Many of the enemies in The Firelands expansion will have a Strength / Craft Value. If your Character encounters one of these enemies you can choose whether you want to fight the enemies through Strength or in Psychic combat.


Years of training has made the Dervish a master of any and all weapons, and he’s ready to leap from one battle to the next in order to prove his skills! When playing as the Dervish:

  • You begin the game with a Sword and a Water Bottle.
  • One Weapon you are carrying does not count towards your capacity.
  • You may use two weapons at the same time in battle.
  • When you defeat an enemy in battle and take it as a trophy you immediately move a number of spaces equal to the defeated enemies strength. You can then encounter the space you landed on.


Roaming the land comes naturally to the Nomad. Being aware of how dangerous the land is, she is careful to only encounter situations she’s sees fit. When playing as the Nomad:

  • When you encounter a space not in the inner region, you may ignore all the printed text on that space and instead treat it as a “draw one card” space.
  • When you encounter a Place card, you may choose to ignore it.
  • Instead of moving normally you may spend 1 fate to stay in your current space and encounter it unless you used this ability on your last turn.

Jin Blooded

Skilled in magic, the Jin Blooded has developed the ability to change their fate and gain Spells to their advantage. When playing as the Jin Blooded:

  • You begin the game with 2 spells.
  • At the start of your turn you may discard 1 of your spells to gain 1 fate.
  • When your turn ends you may spend 1 fate to draw 1 Spell, if your Craft allows.
  • Whenever another character casts a Spell on you, your space or one of your cards, you either gain 1 fate or spend 2 fate to bind that Spell. If you bind a Spell it has no effect and you may immediately cast it on a new target.


As a cruel person, the Warlord cares not for those that follow her. She merely see her followers as a necessary sacrifice when it comes to protecting herself. When playing as the Warlord:

  • When you encounter a Follower you may immediately conscript it. Ignore all the text on the conscripted Follower and treat them as “Add 1 strength during battle”.
  • When you defeat another character in battle you may take on of his Followers as a conscripted Followers, in addition to the normal reward.
  • When you would lose a life you may discard one of your conscripted Followers to prevent the loss of that life.

A Hero Rises

The fate of the land is in your hands. Whenever you are victorious in battle, you’ll earn 1 fate in addition to any other rewards. If you lose a battle, you’ll lose one of your fate. The first character to reach the Crown of Command with 13 or more fate wins the game!

Crown of Flame

Bitter about the history of the Crown, the Iftirt have replaced the Crown of Command with the Crown of Flame. When this hidden ending is revealed, a fire token is placed on the character who revealed it, which represents the Crown of Flame. Unlike the Crown of Command, the Crown of Fire causes the wearer to lose 1 Life, 1 Spell and 1 Object every turn. The only way to rid the Crown is to land on another Character and pass on the crown. The last character alive wins!

Spreading Flames

Ifrit are taking no mercy on the land of Talisman. While this ending is in play, the number of fire tokens in play are not limited. When the ending is revealed, each character must teleport to any space in the Outer or Middle Region that does not contain a character, as the Inner Region is no longer in play. Each player will then have a Fire Token placed in the space adjacent to them. At the start of the players turn they must place 1 Fire Token on their space. Spaces can have multiple Fire Tokens and the characters must take one life per fire token on that space. The last character alive wins.

  • 81 Adventure Cards
  • 19 Spell Cards
  • 19 Terrain Cards
  • 3 Alternative Endings
  • 4 New Characters
  • Firelands tokens

“Will you be able to extinguish the flame?”

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Talisman – The Firelands Expansion
Talisman – The Firelands Expansion
Talisman – The Firelands Expansion
Talisman – The Firelands Expansion
Talisman – The Firelands Expansion
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1 Feb, 2017

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  • OS *: Windows Vista
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  • Graphics: 1280x768 resolution on board graphics
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Sound Card: On board

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