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Welcome to the epic battlefields of Mobile Soldiers – Plastic Army! Prepare to unleash your strategic genius as you step into the shoes of a fearless commander, controlling an army of plastic toy soldiers. Get ready for an exhilarating clash of miniature might, where up to four players compete to dominate the battleground!

Picture this: You and your friends command your own battalions, each vying for victory. It’s a turn-based showdown that will test your wits and cunning. Will you be the mastermind who outmaneuvers your opponents? It’s time to find out!

But hold on, it’s not just any old battlefield we’re talking about. These action-packed arenas will blow your mind! From scenic coastlines to sprawling fields, charming towns to scorching deserts, the battles unfold across a variety of breathtaking landscapes. And guess what? The arenas are packed with obstacles—some sturdy, some smashable—giving you strategic cover and protecting your troops from enemy fire.

Each of your brave little soldiers, affectionately known as "units," comes with their own special move. Imagine being the mastermind behind their every step, strategically plotting their path to victory!

When you activate Movement Mode for a unit, a green range-circle appears, indicating just how far they can go. It’s like watching a secret mission unfold! You have the power to choose precisely where they’ll go within that range. Will you boldly charge forward or cautiously inch your way to dominance?

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just about moving your troops across the battlefield; it’s about gaining ground and seizing control. As your unit steps onto a nearby base or flag, they aim to conquer it. Once they occupy the Capture Area, marked by a range-circle at the foot of the flag, you become the flag’s proud commander. Victory is within your grasp!


As the commander, you have the power to choose which enemy units to attack, and boy, do we have an arsenal of unique units for you to command!

First up, meet the Rifleman, the trusty all-rounder who’s the backbone of your squad. Armed with a capability of up to six rounds, this soldier is perfect for both offense and defense. They’ll be your go-to soldiers on the battlefield!

But wait, there’s more firepower to come! Introducing the Gunner, a relentless force with the ability to unleash three rounds of five bullets in a blink of an eye. When it comes to attack, these bad boys mean business. They’ll make your enemies run for cover!

Next, we have the Grenadier, the explosive expert of your team. Armed with a single grenade, they can rain chaos upon your foes. The grenade detonates in a spectacular area-of-effect blast, damaging all units caught within its radius. Watch out, though—it’s indiscriminate, so friendly fire is a risk!

Now, behold the mighty Rocketman! This fearless soldier can fire a single rocket towards your target, causing a devastating area-of-effect explosion. It’s perfect for obliterating obstacles that stand in your way or sending enemy units running for cover. But remember, like the grenadier, the damage is indiscriminate—boom!

And let’s not forget the newest addition to your arsenal, the Flamer! Brace yourself for some serious heat, as this unit unleashes a fiery column of flames upon its target. Once ignited, the target bursts into flames, causing ongoing damage for a limited time. But beware, the flames can spread, engulfing nearby units and obstacles. Fiery chaos awaits!

So gear up, commander, and choose your units wisely. Whether it’s the versatile Rifleman, the rapid-firing Gunner, the explosive Grenadier, the mighty Rocketman, or the scorching Flamer, each unit brings its own unique firepower to the battlefield. It’s time to blast through obstacles and send your enemies running for cover. Victory is just a well-aimed shot away!

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Mobile Soldiers: Plastic Army
Mobile Soldiers: Plastic Army
Mobile Soldiers: Plastic Army
Mobile Soldiers: Plastic Army
Mobile Soldiers: Plastic Army
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13 Aug, 2022

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Ecliptec Mobile Ltd.

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  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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