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Update Notes

03/19/2019 1.0 RC1 UPDATE


  • Localization (English, Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish)
  • New 3D-design of the main menu
  • New design of other menus
  • Music on the menu
  • Transitions between screens in the form of white balls
  • The sound of a passing bullet
  • Particles at steps
  • Effect – Particles on character respawn
  • Displays the last shots that caused the player to die
  • Death Camera
  • Spectator camera – after death, you can fly over the stage and watch it


  • New sounds
  • Plume from the shot
  • The head is now fixed in size, without affecting the character’s scale.
  • Green marks on gun sights to facilitate aiming
  • Shotgun and sniper reload with one hand
  • Reduced damage when shooting bots
  • Changing the aiming logic
  • 2 times faster reload
  • Smooth sniper rifle rendering
  • Sniper rifle now works on both eyes


  • Game freezes when exiting
  • Random reloads at the end of the sprint
  • Many minor fixes

01/25/2019 First (almost first) 2019 v0.7 (and v0.8) update

  • A prematch and a mini game for shooting targets while waiting for players
  • The count of players running the game
  • Notification when someone joined the battle


  • Minor bug fixes

– Turn methods in the settings
– Some spawn issues

12/29/2018 Last 2018 v0.5.3 Update

Our latest in 2018 minor update.


  • Big shots particles
  • Rendering sniper scope
  • Recharge and shooting when you hover the second hand on the menu


  • Partial optimization

Stay with us in the new 2019!
Write about all the flaws and bugs in the Discord or discussion.

12/25/2018 Fast v0.5.2 Update

In this update:


  • Fixed bot trajectories
  • Fixed a case of a hand in two holsters simultaneously
  • Excluded random jumps
  • Fixed interfering helmet during the sprint


  • Added spawn zones for game mode with bots


  • Added models of controllers in the menu

12/22/2018 Oops v0.5.1 update
hot fix bug update

12/22/2018 v0.5 New game modes, new map …

The current update brought the following changes to our game:


  • New game modes Bomb, TeamBattle
  • Added match mode selection (first select the mode, then the map)
  • New "Town" map
  • New “Tutorial” map


  • Changed the Team Deathmatch game mode
  • Match duration in all multiplayer mode games – 5 minutes
  • Changed "Tutorial" location
  • Changed Tutorial mode (changed learning logic)
  • Changed the Shooting range mode, only one mode, but you can already shoot at targets and choose a weapon

12/08/2018 Our new small, but important update!


  • Improved connection stability, the game does not fall when a player leaves the game.
  • About 10 fixed minor bugs

In the new release there will be new modes and long-awaited support for Oculus!

11/30/2018 Today we published the next update! We continue to work on improving the game!

Attention to changes in control mode!

  • For the sprint, now you need to lower the weapon while moving.
  • To take a weapon with two hands you need to press the grip
  • Rotate 90 degrees by swipe



  • Wrong calculation of turning a two-handed weapon
  • Movement limits set for Heist map
  • The focus-beam for taking weapons is now shown in the right direction when using two-handed weapons
  • In tutorial mode, it is shown that the hand in the trigger (in a holster)
  • Checked and corrected sounds when recharging
  • Fixed work with grenades
  • Fixed the direction of a grenade when moving a character
  • Fixed mark of a bullet on the shield
  • Fixed the drop-down menu (increased letters)
  • Fixed wirst band menu work when reloading
  • Fixed work with the trigger of grenades and pistols in the gun-stock input mode


  • Added player names (from Steam) over characters head
  • The icon is shown that the hand is in an empty trigger (in a holster)
  • Height calibration button appeared in the character settings menu
  • Added control type selection to settings (Gun-stock/Controllers input)


  • Changed shield hold
  • Accelerated lifting weapons after the sprint
  • Rotate 90 degrees by swipe
  • The menu indicator on the wirst band is made opaque
  • Improved work with the wirst band menu
  • Now grip is used to hold two-handed weapons
  • Changed the settings of the Shooting range. Removed unnecessary labels and settings. Added wirst band menu
  • Names of weapons changed to icons

Update 1. 11.15.2018

– Slots setting: added default settings
– You can choose a random map when creating offline games
– Changed control for jumps and sprints
– Small settings window in the menu
– Removed the window for selecting the resolution of the game when the application starts
– Grenades now damage players
– Removed non-moved models remaining on the map
– Fixed reload triggers when running and climbing
– Now the server name corresponds to the user who created the game
– The game score is now always near the timer.

Trailer>>> in the next update:
– new game modes (with bomb, teammatch without respouns)
– bugfixes

About the Game

Remember the days of online shooters, remember sleepless nights in computer clubs, emotions, adrenaline, rapture and rage.
The multiplayer shooter Headshot VR will immerse you in a dynamic atmosphere of virtual reality using the HTC Vive.
– multiplayer game mode 5×5
– communication with players (you can talk with players)
– choice of 3 (currently) maps
– a choice of 7 weapons
– control with weapons when using layouts
– shooting mode

Gamers, this is a beta test, an early access game! Please understand the bugs and write to us when you find them.
Many issues have already been resolved, changes will be published in the next build. Build is being tested in Steam.
Write here:

Our new game is coming out soon.

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Release date
12 Jul, 2020

Playable on

VR Studio

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System Requirement


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS *: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-2600k 3.4GHz or higher
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 1060 GTX or greater
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible

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