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With eSail you learn how to raise the mainsail, tack, gybe, reef the sails, moor and anchor the boat. It’s not just a sailing game, it’s a fully featured sailing simulation that should leave you with some understanding of how to pilot a real yacht once you master it.

Once you have learnt the ropes you set out into the open waters surrounding the Shearwater Islands and seek out features such as the wreck of the Princess Zara. You can also take on challenges, such as sailing races, treasure hunts, passage planning and collision avoidance in obstacle courses.

Use eSail to practise your skills before skippering or crewing a real world boat. Or keep your sailing in the virtual world – it’s up to you!

NOTE 1: Translations to French, German etc. are created by eSail community volunteers and are not guaranteed as an exact, literal translation of the original text.
NOTE 2: Multiplayer is not available in China.


eSail is the ultimate choice for precise and realistic boat handling. From the buoyancy to the steering “the thought processes and actions required to sail your virtual boat are remarkably close to the real world” YACHTING MONTHLY.


eSail includes a complete sailing course which can support your certified training (RYA, US Sailing, Sail Canada etc.). “Learn Yachting with eSail” has 20 interactive tutorials written by and narrated by experts such as Jon Dobbin (Ocean Yachtmaster) and Hannah White (the Guinness Book of Records holder for the fastest sailing dinghy crossing of the English Channel). The course covers everything from raising the sail through to using the chart, anchoring, mooring and more advanced sail trim. NOTE: You should never pilot a sailing vessel without proper certified training which eSail can support but in no way replaces.

“eSail Sailing Simulator has raised the benchmark for comprehensive, fully detailed and exhaustively accurate sailing education. Simply put the tutorials included here are brilliant!” SIM UK.


With Live Sailing mode you explore the seas and ocean around the Shearwater islands while experiencing constantly changing weather patterns, from gentle breezes to the fiercest of storms. Before you weigh anchor listen to the forecasts on your VHF radio and set your sails accordingly (or reef them!).

Your current position and boat set up is always saved so you can return to the same point and continue your journey. While live sailing you can collect ‘Points of Interest’ (POIs) and ultimately achieve ‘Master Explorer’ status if you visit them all!


eSail includes numerous challenges:

  • eSail Races. Pit your skills against other users or ‘computer skippered’ boats and become skilled at race tactics, tacking, gybing and trimming the sails including using the mainsheet, jib sheets and kicker (boom vang).
  • Treasure hunts. It’s all about throttle control! You need to get close enough to click on your prize without drifting into the jetty or quay. And make sure you are not going too fast when you grab your treasure or it will end up smashed on the deck!
  • Steering Challenges. Steer between the red and green buoys and keep your speed up for maximum points. But be careful of the other boats. They should observe collision regulations or ‘Rules of the Road’ but with your boat constantly changing direction they do not always behave as expected!
  • Anchoring. In these challenges you will anchor up, then we check your swing circle by applying different wind directions. You need to take into account the condition of the sea bed and lay down enough anchor chain.
  • Passage Planning. Using our unique charting tool, create a course between locations such as Maxwell Marina and Frazer Town via given waypoints. At the end of your voyage make sure you moor up safely (using your fenders) without making contact with the jetty!

“If you’re new to sailing this is a fantastic way to learn at home and brush up skills. If you’re an experienced sailor then it’s still great fun and adventures can be had navigating around using charts or sailing through challengingly tight spaces!” PRACTICAL BOAT OWNER

Racing through the canals in Little Venice


  • Sailing controls. Use your virtual crew to take full control of sails, control lines, winches and travellers. Practise your winch technique and learn how to operate cleats and jammers safely. You can also use AutoSail mode to make things a little easier when you are starting!
  • Anchoring. Think about the weather and check the conditions of the sea bed – sand, weed or rocks? – before deciding how much chain to let out. Get it wrong and your anchor will drag!
  • Mooring. Decide your best approach to the quay, step off the boat and secure your mooring lines. You can then opt to set up spring lines and even slip lines to help depart your mooring without embarrassment!
  • Charting. To the best of our knowledge eSail is the only simulator with a charting module which represents paper based charts. Use tools like dividers, plotter and pencil to plot your course, while looking out for lights from buoys and lighthouses to check your position.
  • The World of Shearwater. In our virtual world there are numerous places to visit within easy reach. Set in the mid Atlantic, the Shearwater Islands have been formed by volcanic activity and have changed hands many times. The Spanish, British, Americans and Italians have all left their mark – the latter building the folly known as Little Venice. This town has many buildings virtually identical to those found in the real Venice. The builders have thoughtfully created canals large enough to sail along with few bridges, so you can motor, sail and even race along the watery streets!
  • Weather. eSail models areas of high and low pressure which then move across the islands creating an infinite variety of wind and waves patterns. The wind and waves are further modified by the land masses, creating areas of calm where you can find shelter from the worst storms and anchor safely!

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eSail Sailing Simulator
eSail Sailing Simulator
eSail Sailing Simulator
eSail Sailing Simulator
eSail Sailing Simulator
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