Decent Icons 2
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Create your own 3D Parallax Icons with Dynamic Reflections

Clean up your desktop with multiple categories for all files types or folders

Decent Icons is a Game Launcher for Windows that gives you complete creative freedom.
Create icons for games and software from any screenshot, wallpaper or box art image, no photo editing required!


  • Create icons of any size or shape
  • Use any screenshot, wallpaper, box or fan art image (.JPG or .PNG with Transparency support)
  • Easily scale and crop your image with Edit Mode
  • Customizable options include: auto startup (without Steam), highlight, titles, overlays, vignette, bevel, reflections, etc
  • Add a few of your favorite games, or scroll through a larger library with scroll mode
  • Continuous development and community involvement

New in Version 2

  • Completely new program built from scratch
  • Streamlined, faster, responsive user interface
  • Steam Workshop support
  • Tabs (Categories)
  • Vertical Layout mode
  • Background Mode (Low resource usage)
  • Video Previews (with built in Clip Editor)
  • Search bar
  • Support for 8 Languages

Steam Workshop

Users can create, download, and upload:

  • Icon Packs
  • Mods
  • Border Packs (coming soon)
  • Custom Overlays (coming soon)


    When a fullscreen game or application is detected, Decent Icons will hide the entire render window, using incredibly low system resources in the background.

    Decent Icons is only available for purchase through Steam, but the software has zero DRM or internet connection requirements once it is downloaded.
    You can run it offline without Steam.

    My hope is that we can all build something together that lets people get creative and have fun with their desktop.

    Please share your thoughts and feedback
    Support for Windows 7 or Above

    COMPATIBILITY: The following programs are FULLY COMPATIBLE with Decent Icons:
    – Wallpaper Engine (amazing program)
    – Fences
    – Live2DViewerEX
    – Rainmeter

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Decent Icons 2 Steam CD Key
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Decent Icons 2
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Decent Icons 2
Decent Icons 2
Decent Icons 2
Decent Icons 2
Decent Icons 2
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Decent Icons 2 Steam CD Key
Decent Icons 2 Steam CD Key
Decent Icons 2

Release date
15 Feb, 2023

Playable on

Decent Software LLC

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System Requirement


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or Above
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Enable background mode to use extremely low resources when in a fullscreen application

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