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A stealth action game where you have to "rotate the camera" to find a Way Forward in a 2D dot-art x 3D stage.

How to play

Look carefully at the enemies!
Rotate the camera, sometimes from behind, sometimes from above, to find a way forward/hiding place.
Try to reach the glowing white goal. Go to the grave of your grandparents: ……

My grandparents’ grave in my hometown is going to be torn down for land use. ……
The goal is to reach the Tomb of the Grandparents, one last time: ……
Wait for me. Grandpa. Grandma.

This is the story of a grandfather’s secret and sad wish that was entrusted to his grandson, a young girl.

This game is OK for distribution and monetization through distribution. Please take it up in distribution!

– Changing Perspective" Stealth Action
Change the direction of the camera, sometimes to 3D, sometimes to 2D looking down at the camera, and aim for the goal.
Change your perspective and find a place to hide to avoid detection by the patrolling enemies.
The key is the "path to the goal" that you have planned in advance.

– An emotional story that takes about 30 minutes to tell
You can see the ending in 20 minutes of total play time.
Please give it a try even while waiting for other games to download!
A certain mode will be available for distributors in the future……?

– Beautiful graphics
The world is a fusion of 2D dot art and 3D.
The soft light of day. Quiet moonlight.
A fantastic world rich in nature that can be enjoyed even on a low specification computer.

– An indie game created by self-taught game creators.
It took about three months to develop. All development was done remotely so that people who had never met before could achieve the same goal.

If you are prone to screen sickness, we recommend that you take a break and play this game.

On this island, rich in nature.
A young girl
The grandparents
The enemy.
What did they see?

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Another Sight
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Another Sight
Another Sight
Another Sight
Another Sight
Another Sight
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Another Sight EN/DE/FR/IT/KO/RU/ZH/ES United States
Another Sight EN/DE/FR/KO/RU/ZH/ES/UK EU
Another Sight

Release date
19 Jan, 2022

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  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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